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11 Fabulous Container Gardening Ideas

11 Fabulous Container Gardening IdeasContainer Gardening …

…………I can’t wait to get out there!

Container gardening is still one of my favorites.  There is just simply no end to what can be done with something that has a hole in the top or something you can cut a hole into the top.

While gathering some new ideas for our early spring I came across some of the funnest ideas ever!

  1. Colorful plastic buckets grouped together on a walking path.  Sun loving plants or shade lovers as well. Depends on what your path is like.
  2. Old dented and leaking watering cans painted and potted with your favorites
  3. More galvanized treasures, tall and short, old and new; potted and placed on the side of a garage.
  4. Boots and shoes of all shapes and sizes.  Stick a geranium in them and…voila!
  5. Benches with bushel baskets and asparagus fern.
  6. Mix and matched baskets
  7. …and even old travel bags
  8. If you have an old picnic table, dress it up with plastic pitchers and tumblers.  I bet you can find an old picnic basket at a thrift store.
  9. Teapots and mugs with ferns, wandering jew, and impatiens atop a round cast iron table adds whimsy to a tired corner.
  10. Drawers and an old nightstand.  Paint a wonderfully bright chartreuse and fill with large leafed shade lovers!  Adorable!

If you run out of ideas and have explored HGTV for hours, just visit a thrift store, wander around and pick up anything you can stick a plant in.  Look for interesting shapes, sizes, and colors.  If you want a particular look or theme, gather like items.  If you’re more eclectic in style choose items that don’t match but complement one another.

11 container gardening Ideas









11 container gardening Ideas










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11 creative container gardening ideas- desk

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The Best Container Gardening Sites

Hi friends!

I would just like to share with you a great site I found.  It is one of the best I have seen for the types of plants to use in container flower gardening.   Mixed containers, sun containers, part-sun containers, shade containers, perennial containers.  It has every idea for every climate condition you can think of.  I just love finding these treasures and wanted to share the wealth!

This is one you’ll want to bookmark for sure!  Have fun!

Click here for the site!

I know of others I am going to add in a day or so, but thought I would share this great little treasure 🙂  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!