DIY a Designer Ceiling Fan

I was watching a DIY reno show the other day and the decorator removed a perfectly good ceiling fan!  It tore at my heart!  I don’t know if ceiling fans are in or out and, frankly, I don’t care.  All I know is that I love sleeping in a bedroom with that ever so light breeze wafting across my face…… I assume everyone feels that same way.  That’s why EVERY bedroom in our house has a ceiling fan.

Well, after finishing 3 bedrooms downstairs, the budget had been consumed, and I mean, drained, exhausted, DONE.  But, I NEEDED my ceiling fans.  So, I went to WalMart and bought a $15 (no kidding….I think the same fan now sells for about $20) ceiling fan.  Brassy and cheap looking (wonder why? J).  Anyway, I went to a paint store, Kwal’s, I think, and bought some patina aging agent and some copper paint (it comes in a bottle more like a craft paint would.) I went into the store with 20 bucks and came out with change.  I painted the blades of the fan with the copper paint (you have to be a little careful with this, as you need to paint in the same direction once you begin painting to achieve the desired result.  I practiced on a piece of old sheetrock we had laying around…very easy and fun to use).  I used the patina aging agent on the brassy fixtures, and………..voila!  My cheap-o fan turned out great!  After doing the fan, I went a little “copper crazy” and painted his closet doors, too.  LOVE IT!  The old doorknobs were an antique find on a road trip…….keep a look out for cool stuff to do cool stuff!

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Here are the doors.  This would not work in every room, and it may not be someone else’s style, but it really works in this room, I love it!