“Rustelegant” ~ the art of merging rural and urban

……. I think I’ve coined a new word

How to Mix Rustic With Elegant in Style


I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s still true; I really love the combination of rustic design paired with the elegance of soft cotton sofas (I didn’t say it was practical J) and mingled with wing backed chairs.    Get the picture?  It’s not necessarily my flavor, but I just love the freedom and nonconformity of today’s design philosophy…like it?…use it!

“Rustic” design is defined, I’m sure, by individual perspective.  Where rustic to one may be barn wood on every surface another’s idea of rustic may be burnished hardware on cabinets and doors.  I guess I fall somewhere in between; maybe more on the proverbial shabby-chic side but even that needs a twist.

I think it may take more than just a little decorating talent to successfully combine these two elements.  What I have learned is that no matter what your design elements are you can emphasize them or soften them depending on your paint color and the color of your accessories.  For example, pairing rustic and industrial may be a lot, but use a soft neutral paint in sea greens (1/2 strength…very light), or  linen, or the two combined can bring a peaceful and serene ambiance to a master suite or even a kitchen.

It’s trending to combine rustic with crystal-like chandeliers. Definitely “rustelegant”. That’s a juxtaposition that still hasn’t settled, but I guess I’m more comfortable with that than crystal on crystal on glitter on mirrors, etc.

So if you’re like me you will need to do a little wanna-be-a-designer homework before buying stuff impromptu hoping it works.  Although, on a whim I just bought a chrome colored vase that is one of the most unique pieces I’ve seen and couldn’t be further from “rustic”, and I LOVE it!