11 Ways to Perk up Your BedroomAttention!  Attention!

………..Has anyone seen my bedroom?

For some reason my bedroom is the last to get any attention.  It seems as though it’s become a storage room someone put a bed in.  I really want our master “suite” to be at least as nice as any other room in the house. Here are some ideas to think about.

-Paint!  It’s always the biggest bang for your buck.  Add some accent paint to a wall or two.

-Again, paint!  If you have bedroom furniture that you purchased 20+ years ago, before heaving it out the door, think about simply changing the color.  A very budget friendly thing to do and can easily add a few more years to that tired double-decade old stuff…..what’s it going to hurt?  If you still can’t stand it a minute longer, all you’re out is a gallon of paint…..

-…..Once the furniture is painted grab some fine grit sandpaper and give it the good old look of distress.  A great way to make the old stuff look like it’s “new-made-to-look-old”.  Very chic.

-More about…yup, you guessed it….paint!  Don’t be afraid to choose one of the contemporary bold new colors on a dresser or chest of drawers, especially if you’re going with the distressed look.  If you’re planning on changing out the furniture in a couple years anyway…live vigorously!  Enjoy a sea blue chest, or a butter yellow dresser.  Have some fun!

-Nothing more wonderful than climbing into a bed bedecked in bright new bedding. It’s time to tuck away the winter comforter and pull out the new crisp linens.  If your linens are tired and threadbare bring in the spring with some new floral designs or colorful solids.

-Add some fun, fresh, vibrant pillows.  Remember, they don’t have to match, the just have to “go”.

-A new throw rug…one of my favorite ways to add a brand new look to a room.  Maybe start there and take your color cues from the rug….OR

-……..A new duvet or coverlet.  A main piece like this in your room can set the tone for your entire color palette.

-If space is not an issue, think about adding a comfy reading chair or even a loveseat with a great reading lamp.

-Keep your eye out for a cool one-of-a-kind (or not) chair-side “table” Use your imagination on this one.  Stacked old suitcases, grandma’s creaky stool (My grandma had a creaky stool I would love to have next to my reading couch now).

-Don’t forget to think outside (literally) the box.  Some outdoor furniture makes some cool inside accent pieces, and can be easily perked up with a coat of …what?….paint! (talkofthehouse.com)

Have fun adding some punch & perk to a tired old space.

11 Tips to add Punch to Your Bedroom