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Warming a Room with an Area Rug


Rug on hardwood oak parquet floor

I think area rugs are amazing!  I love the warmth and the kick they can give a room.  I love the functionality they offer, the protection to my hardwood floors they present, and the pop they give to an otherwise boring, cold tile floor (I love tile, don’t get me wrong!).

Bold colors and pattern choices are what’s super fun about area rugs.  You can design a whole room around a rug.


rug sunny & fun


rug big & gold


rug quiet & suttle


rug romantic

The idea of putting an area rug over carpet sends some designers to the moon!!  That’s okay, out here where winter nights (and days) can get into the single digits and below, the more layers I wear the cozier I am. That goes for my flooring, too.  I don’t mind layering a fantastic area rug over my already carpeted family room.   And it’s a lot cheaper to replace an area rug than to re-carpet.   So designers… ya, but I gotta be me! 🙂


11 of the Best Xeriscape Ideas Ever

11 of the Best Xeriscape Ideas Ever

Landscaping does not have to be dull and boring in order to conserve water.  Xeriscape does not mean ZERO-scape.  Anything but! Here are some if the best xeriscape ideas.

11 of the Best Xeriscape Ideas Ever

Great alternatives to Love Seats-Fun Furniture Groupings

Not So Lovely Love Seats

What’s up with love seats?  Really?  A love seat is an extra wide chair and a half.  Do two people ever sit on a love seat? NO!  So I say why not use the same amount of space (okay, maybe a little more space….but not much) and create something much more attention grabbing.  Chair groups!

chair grouping 5

So much interest can be added with a couple cool chairs and a side table than a boring old love seat.  And two people can and do actually sit in them.

Homeshow 2013 119

The cool thing about chair groups is that you can choose a completely different style and totally different fabric to add the needed punch to your, maybe not so interesting sofa; a chance to introduce different textures, fabrics, and pillows.

Homeshow 2013 237

The table extends a chance to play around with all kinds of fun decorating elements and objects. Remember!  Be creative with your table tops!

Homeshow 2013 177