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Fun with Portable Bars

portable bar 1 (1)

Portable Bars

Having a built-in home bar is an option that most people cannot commit to either because of limited space or budget.  Having a portable bar becomes a really good option to have all of your cocktail needs together in one place and close at hand.

These portable bars come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes, some very elegant and others much more simple.

These handy “movable tables” can be used for a lot of different entertaining needs.  You can extend the functionality of your dining room table having this portable table nearby with side dishes and other necessary garnishes to accompany your meal.

Having a portable dessert bar is another fun option when entertaining.  An after meal expresso can be served to guests with class as they relax in your living room and settle in for an evening of casual conversation.

I think this is such a great idea.  And when the “bar” is not in use place a vase of fresh flowers and stack some interesting books on the top and you’ve got a great side table.

portable bar 2

portable bar 3

New and Stylish Wallpaper Ideas

New and Stylish Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper?  Really?  Yup!  It’s making a comeback. Another re-entry from the 70’s.  I’m not sure how I feel about it, and if you have textured walls forget about it!  All those little creases and crevices that can look so cool when glazed just won’t work under wallpaper.  And have you ever tried to remove that stuff?  YIKES!

BUT…….there are some fantastic prints and textures (textures can hide some of the imperfections in your walls) out there to definitely consider.  I saw a cool print in a laundry room (which seems to be the most popular place for it right now) in a great home show; a subtle print with parrots.  Sound like an oxy-moron?

wallpaper with birds

Some say there have been many marriages driven to the brink while attempting a wallpapering project.  Consider how well you and your spouse work together in tandem before tackling this venture.  I can honestly say that my husband and I are a great team when it comes to wallpapering.  He measures and cuts and gets on the ladder.  I stay below and line the bottom portion up and lift and smooth.  Then he lifts the upper half off the wall again because it was not perfect and I stay below and line the bottom portion up and lift and smooth…repeat.  But because of his good patience with tedium it works out great!

If you’re in the mood for a fun change, give it a try!  Maybe just one wall……in a small room……..out of the way………and have fun!  Try wallpapering a little nook.  It’ll look fabulous, I promise!

wallpaper 2

wallpaper 6 bedroom

wallpaper 5 laundry room

How to Add Industrial Elements to Your Room

How to Add Industrial Elements to Your Home (1)

My husband always says, “A man can’t have too many C-clamps.”  I guess he’s right.

I was in a home recently where the architect/designers used industrial elements to not only build the house but to decorate it as well.  It was simply gorgeous.  Admittedly, I’m not sure I could live in it forever, but it was so cool!

Decorating in the Industrial style opens up all kinds of possibilities, especially when embellishing your table tops and office.  Pipes used for the base of a desk or table or even a toilet paper holder (J) add interest to the “factory warehouse” home.

The Industrial design is becoming more and more popular for homes and offices.  Some stores are selling “new to look old” pieces of furniture and accessories.  If you’re lucky enough to have an original piece don’t make the mistake of sanding or stripping away all of its character.  Sometimes just a wire brush to remove flaking bits of paint and then some sealer will permit the original patina to shine through allowing the piece to tell its own story.

When people think of “industrial” first comes to mind steel and heavy metal.  Not always so.  In this style be sure not to go too far with the hard, cold elements, mix it up with some warm wood and paint.  Just take a walk through Restoration Hardware sometime.  You’ll see what I mean!  I LOVE that place~

This definitely wouldn’t be everybody’s taste but a piece here or there to spark conversation is a lot of fun.  And searching out interesting pieces to restore or patina or paint could be a real treasure hunt!

Industrial hallway

Industrial c-clamp coat rack

Industrial locker

industrial shelving

Beautiful Backlighting Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Backlighting a specific piece of furniture can make it POP right off the wall!  A light behind a beautiful fica tree, or better yet, IN the pot casting a wonder of warm shadows.

I don’t think there is another design element that can add more mood or visual impact to a room or setting than lighting.

9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Clocks

9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Clocks


Give Clocks the Time of Day

Pacific, Mountain, Midwest, Eastern….it doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in CLOCKS are a great design detail!

We had a BIG clock in our family room that could be seen from outside.  Our daughter had a friend who said he would drive by our house just to see what time it was!

I LOVE clocks.  Maybe it stems back to the days I would stay with my grandmother.  She had a coo-coo clock that I loved.  She also had an alarm clock on the bedside table that had a distinct tick-tock that I would fall asleep to.  In any case, clocks evoke a homey feeling in my heart.

Using clocks as a design feature for a wall can be so much fun.  Whether you’re a true life designer or a design enthusiast you can incorporate them into any design style.  Vintage, chic, contemporary, classic, country, you name it, there’s a clock or clocks for it.  You know the gallery’s that are so popular now?  If you have a wall or a hallway that needs a new tempo, give clocks a shot.  If you already have a gallery, add a clock or two.

A clock next to a baby picture with the time set to the time of birth, an antique (or wannabe) clock on a nightstand next to mom and dad’s wedding picture, a clock set to the time zone where a loved one lives….add a clock anywhere for fun or function.

9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Clocks