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3 Charming DIY Mother’s Day Ideas

3 Charming DIY Mother's Day Ideas (1)

With Mother’s Day being right around the corner I was trying to come up with a cute idea for our daughters’ gifts this year.  And I did!  But I can’t tell you because it’s a secret…..sssshhhhhhhh! Cause they might read this 🙂 !

But while I was browsing and researching I found some other darling inspirations and thought I would share.  I’m sure before May gets here I’ll have a list of a dozen or more.  I’ll keep you posted.

These 3 charming DIY projects are from the Lowe’s creative ideas website.

A Lantern to Light up Her Day ~

The inside is a vase for flowers while the outside is a vessel for candies.  So cute! You could also accomplish basically the same affect by placing a smaller glass cylinder into a larger cylinder.

mother's day candy and flowers vase


  • Small curved satin nickel lantern or any lantern you may have or run on to.
    • Insert a jar, vase, or drinking glass in the center of the lantern. Its rim should be about even with the rim of the lantern.
    • Fill the lantern with small, loose candy — the more colorful the better.
    • Fill the glass in the center about half-full of water and add flowers.

How cute is that?

Frosted Votive Candles~

lowes votive candles


  • 1 package wide mouth mason jars, quart size
  • Valspar spray paint: Frosting, Frosty Berry, Everglade Glen (Valspar is the Lowe’s brand name. It’s really good paint).
  • Wash and dry the mason jars.
    • Choose a stencil. Cut the stencil out and stick it on the jar.
    • Apply three light coats of Valspar Frosting spray paint to the jar. Let it dry and then remove the stencil.
    • Remove the center of the lid and spray-paint the rim with a paint of your choice. Add a candle and voila!

Depending on the stencil you choose these candles can be made for any holiday.  I have one with Autumn leaves stencils and a brown satin ribbon tied around the lip of the bottle.  It’s darling with some fall foliage.

Floating Picture Frames~

Lowe's floating frame baby


  • 15/32″ x 2′ x 4′ sanded pine plywood
  • 2′ x 4′ clear acrylic sheet
  • 1″ x 2″ x 4′ whitewood board
  • 4 — 1/4″ hex-head bolts 2.5″ long
  • 4 — 1/4″ lock nuts
  • 3/8″ x 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ steel spacers
  • D-ring hangers

If you purchase your materials at Lowe’s or Home Depot they will cut the plywood and acrylic to the size you want.  I think they do up to 10 cuts for free.  Good deal!!

  • Cut the plywood and acrylic sheet into 2′ x 2′ squares.
  • Stack two squares of acrylic on one square of plywood and clamp together.
  • Measure 1-1/4″ from each corner and slowly drill a 5/16″ hole through the acrylic and plywood.

TIP:  If you have a drill press, using a clamp-on fence and a stop block will make this quick and easy.

  • Sand the plywood faces and edges with 100-grit sandpaper. Wipe off dust with a cloth.
  • Cut a 10″ long piece from the whitewood board to use as center support. This will keep the acrylic squares from sagging in the center of the frame.
    • Glue the end of the support to the middle of the plywood’s front side. (The artwork will hide the support.) Weigh down the support while the glue dries to ensure a good bond.
    • Mount a large D-ring hanger to the back of the plywood with a screw.
    • Center and tape your photo or artwork to one acrylic square. Top with the second acrylic square. Then connect the acrylic and plywood pieces using the hex-head bolts, steel spacers, and lock nuts.

(Insert picture of baby in floating frame)



How to Make a DIY Planter Box Crate

DIY Planter Box Crate-Tutorial (1)

The cutest little crate ever!

I wanted something new for my kitchen window this spring so I went on the search for a new embellishment.   I’ve really been into planters and planter boxes this year so that’s what my eyes were peeled for.  And, what do you know!  I found this cute little treasure displayed as a DIY project in a garden store.  Luckily I had my handy-dandy hubby with me and he took a few quick measurements and by the next evening I was painting this little dandy.  I love it!

Here’s how:

Cut (1) 16” x 5 ¼” board (bottom)

Cut (2) 5” x 5 ¼ “  boards (ends)

Cut (10) 17 ½” slats (sides) These slats are ½” x ¾”

Sand all pieces until you feel good about it.

Glue (wood glue) and nail ends to bottom (we used a finish nailer for this), then slats to sides (we used a brad nailer for this).  Regular nails might split the wood.

Paint with your choice.  I used Valspar.  You can buy these little jars of this paint for under $3.00 at Lowe’s and they’ll mix any color you want.   I only used about 1/3 of this jar for 2 coats.

Spray with a matte sealer and attach the two cup pulls on the ends and………there you go!

This is so cute in my window sill.  This picture I took is too dark, but I wanted to give you an idea of the scale.

window box in window- resized

I put three 4” clay pots in it and they fit perfectly.  I also bought 3 clear plastic trays for the pots to catch the spills when I water.

I have herbs planted in this one and pansies look adorable in this little crate, too.

TIP:  If you want to make something like this for a different size pot, just adjust the measurements of your components.  Easy-peasy!

How to Design Your Focal Point

How to Design  Your Focal Point

Designing a Focal Point

When you walk into a room your eye should be able to rest on a particular feature or focal point.  In some rooms that’s easy.  The big stone fireplace, or a beautiful window with “the” view.  Not every room has a distinguishing feature, sooooo that’s where the designer-wanabe in you comes into play.  CREATE ONE!

Usually a focal point is the place where other furniture revolves or people tend to gravitate. A focal point should draw a person closer.  A great area rug could actually be a focal point.  Grandma’s old étagère ….I LOVE pieces with a story. A table with interesting objects.  A terrific mirror…the list goes on but you get the picture…oh yeah!…artwork can serve as a wonderful focal point.  A cool wall display of…..stuff J.  You choose.  Is your family into music?  Old records (those are the round things made out of vinyl J) Sheet music, a ukulele.  Plants can be a delightful feature. Even a whopping spider plant.

Once you’ve established your feature, consider arranging furniture around or nearby for the best conversation.  Remember, that every seat should have a table within easy reach.

The importance of creating a focal point is to give visitors a place to congregate without that “okay, I’m here, now what do I do” feeling of awkwardness.


Mulching Ideas

To mulch or not to mulch – Not even a question!

Unique Mulching Ideas (1)
So whatever it is you’re doing, mulching your soil in preparation for planting, or topping with mulch (noun) to control weeks or add a wonderfully fragrant element to your garden, the outcome will be fabulous!We have so much planting area in our yard that something simply had to be done.  There is no way I could continue to keep up on it.  Each spring I would dread (and I LOVE to work outside) the endless hours of weeding and mulching!  So…..we decided to do something I never thought I would do.  We covered the areas with landscape paper and covered that with mulch.  ROCK mulch.  Yes, rock is a mulch, too.  We chose small jaggedy pebbles the color of wheat.   I can’t tell you how much I love this.  We have planted trees and a few golden tipped tams amongst the mulch and it is lovely!  Already, in this, the ugliest of months (March) our backyard looks like we have spent hours cleaning it up.  NOPE!  It is clean, it is crisp, it is HEAVEN!

There is nothing that smells better than a fresh coating of “soil pep” after a rain.

Oh, and did I mention?  Mulch covers a myriad of problems, quickly and inexpensively.  You can spruce up nicely for a party this weekend!

mulch downspout

mulch house to backyard

mulch pathway to house