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11 Ingenious Nightstand Ideas


11 Ingenious Nightstand Ideas

I have been on the lookout for a small, unique table, or two, for a spot in my basement.  During my search I found some of the funnest ideas for accent tables and even nightstands.  I get so excited when I see ideas that are definitely outside the proverbial box.

Bathroom Curtains- From Shabby to Chic

Bathroom Curtains From Shabby To Chic

Unless you live in one of those wonderful homes with bathrooms the size of Jupiter, (and if you do, congratulations you lucky dog!) it’s likely that you have at least one bathroom with the bath and shower combined.  Let me tell you about curtains!  Not just boring old shower curtains, but the kind of curtains that typically flank your living room window.  WOW! can they add an elegance to your bathroom that will knock you off your feet, and right into the tub!

Years ago I was so tired of the plain same ole’, same ole’ bathroom look that I went on the hunt for suitable curtains to dress things up a bit.  I found some great linen tab-top curtains and a valance (which didn’t go with the tab-tops, but matched just great), bought 2 spring tension shower rods, came home and adorned my boring shower/bath.  I added some tie backs I found in the same color (again, didn’t go with either the curtains or the valance, but worked very well). What a difference!  You’re probably wondering about the 3 curtain rods; one for the shower curtain which you still need (unless you have a glass surround), one for the tab-tops, and another one for the valance.  No problem.  The valance has a little ruffle gathered at the top and you can’t see the other two rods.  See what I mean?  You’ll love your new princess bath.

bathroom our house

These were all on sale and very inexpensive.  It made a huge difference in the look and feel of the bathroom.  I would suggest looking for curtains light in weight and washable.  I have washed mine hundreds, okay, dozens of times!  They still look brand new.

Natural Light Solutions- Solar Tubes

Solar Tubes, the 21st Century’s Deck Prism

Natural Light Solutions- Solar Tubes (1)

Have you ever heard of a deck prism? It is the coolest thing ever, at least it was the coolest thing ever a couple centuries ago.  A deck prism is made from glass and is shaped like an upside down pyramid.  It weighs about 15 lbs and was installed in the decks of ships to gather light and reflect it to the deck below so sailors did not have to use lanterns when transporting flammable cargo.  There’s your history lesson for the day….

Well, just think of solar tubes as the 21st century’s analogous answer to a deck prism.  Our friends just had two installed in their home, one in each of their bathrooms.  It is amazing the natural light that comes from these planetary wonders.  My friend said after their solar tube was installed she would always walk down the hall to turn off the light in the bathroom.  Light wasn’t on!  They love it!

I have a closet in our en suite that gets no light at all.  A solar tube is definitely on my list of things I want really bad!  We also have a bathroom that has only one teeny tiny window and would really benefit from a solar tube.  It is at the end of a hallway and would really brighten the entire hall.  Wait a minute!  Let’s put one in the hall.

The idea of natural light beaming down in my shower sounds fabulous.  Look at this bright space!

Natural Lighting solution- solar tubes

Fabulous Ceiling Ideas

Dining room with cherry wood ceiling panelsDon’t Forget the Ceiling!

We just had a nightmare occur at our house that gratefully has been remedied, but with expense, time, and much aggravation.

We had our ceiling textured as we finished our basement.  Unfortunately, neither one of us was home when the job was complete.  I can’t even describe to you the mess it was.  So as not to give myself a headache recapping all that went into this fix, I will not deliberate any longer.  But it does bring up the subject of ceilings.

Let’s think outside the textured box (wish I had) and take a look at some fantastic ideas for a much overlooked surface in our homes.  Here are some cool ideas to add such a punch to any ceiling.  I especially like the use of some of these ideas in a basement family room.

  • Beams ~ real or faux
  • Wallpaper, textured or not
  • Glossy wood
  • Weathered wood
  • Faux painted
  • Tongue & groove
  • Tin
  • Crown molding, of course
  • Think beyond white ~ use a bold color paint ~ or a contrasting paint
  • Skylights for an upper room ~ does amazing things and doesn’t have to be scary any more.  Check out Solar Tubes.

So, if you’re thinking about remodeling, building, or just need a change, think about re-doing a ceiling.  There are so many possibilities.

ceiling tongue & groove ceiling bright green kids room ceiling with wood