Fill the cage about a foot with your choice of filler then, using the heavy wire again, run a piece of wire, just above the fill, from one long side through the cage fastening it to the other long side.  Do this about every foot or so. Tighten with pliers if your fingers can’t tighten it enough.  You want it tight.  This will add strength and stability to the cage.  Continue filling and securing with the wire in this same fashion until the cage is full.  Attach the top piece of mesh to all 4 sides using the spiral method.  Ta-Dah!!  You have the coolest wall ever!  Isn’t it?  Just look at it! If you want to go a step further, you can weld on some angle iron on all edges.  Very cool!

We are in the process of finishing an area in our yard that just so happens needs a small retaining wall.  I’m so glad my husband likes projects. (The wall is the easy part 🙂

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