Patios and Tropicals…..

……….I love the feel!

I love our patio!  It’s almost a little getaway for me.  Last year my husband bought me a wonderful set of patio furniture for Mother’s day and there’s nothing I like more than sitting out on a cool or warm evening visiting with family and friends. That’s what we did last night and it was wonderful!

patio and tropical plantsOne of the things I look forward to is decorating our patio with plants.  Especially those tropical potted palms.  Put a couple of those out there and…wow!….I can picture myself on a beach.  (I have a great imagination!)  These potted palms are so inexpensive and are often sold in Costco and Sam’s.  I have only paid about $15.00 for them.  They add such a fun and almost whimsical look to our outdoor space.  Now, I don’t live in a tropical climate, in fact I live in a semi-desert climate with harsh winters, so I know when I buy these little beauties they will not last.  But, I don’t care.  I figure it’s no different buying those as an annual than a flat of petunias.  And we enjoy them so much.


Don’t be afraid to try other tropicals, too.  They are such a fun way to really add some dreamy ambiance to your summertime retreat.  Here are some gorgeous suggestions…….

Flowering MaplePatio & tropicals flowering maple





JasminePatio & tropicals Jasmine





Angel’s TrumpetPatio & tropicals Angel's Trumpet


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