Great Ways to Decorate HallwaysA journey through……..

……..whatever you choose it to be

Hallways are areas often overlooked as we think about decorating space.  And what fun!  Another space for an opportunity to really get those creative juices flowing.

Two of the areas I’m most excited about decorating when our basement is complete are our hallways.  Our basement isn’t large but because of the placement of the stairwell we will have two hallways.  So I’m going to take advantage of that and decorate them as I would a room.  And because one is on one side of the stairs and the other on the other side I can decorate them differently.

A hallway is obviously a space we pass through on the way to somewhere else so why not enjoy the journey.  Passing through a hallway decorated with interesting objects/pictures/etc.,  on the way to a main entertaining area can create great conversation amongst guests as they arrive and begin to mingle.

– Family pictures – choose fun and interesting pictures that evoke memories of raising your family.  These pictures may conjure up memories of guests and start fun conversations.

– Vintage items from yesteryear.  Old umbrellas placed in an old tin.  Some of grandmas hats hung on hooks.  Vinyl albums from decades past.  Posters from old movies. Milk cans

– Sofa tables for pictures, vases, fresh flowers

– Ethnic themes

– Seating space – ottomans and benches

– More vintage stuff – Old black and white photos – Newspaper clippings – Old year books

There seems to be a rejuvenated interest in all things old.  This gives me an idea for something else to write to you about.  I love nostalgia.

– Your own children’s framed artwork.  You can get a lot of conversational mileage out of black and white stick figures.

– What about letters to Santa or Christmas wish lists displayed as part of your seasonal decorations.

Hallways offer an opportunity to have fun with a decor that just may not fit anywhere else, or may give you that extra space you’ve been wishing you had to hang a family treasure.

Great Ways to Decorate Hallways hallways and landings natural elements hallways and landings stair landing hallways and landings vinrtage Hallways and landings window seat

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