Family room in luxury home with wood ceiling beams

Cocktail Ottomans…..they’re a two-fer……two for one!


I really love the functionality of cocktail ottomans.  They offer a wonderful alternative to the traditional coffee table, and your mom won’t every say “get your feet off the table, please!”  And they can work as extra seating space, too.  There are even some designs out there that double (or triple) as storage space as the top lifts up.  Great place to stash the extra blankets.  Summer or winter, someone in our home is always cold.

Another thing I like about ottomans is their soft sides and corners, as opposed to coffee tables.  Reason being, I have little ones tumbling and cart-wheeling all over the rooms and these soft-sided designs save their cute little heads from goose eggs, cuts, and fat lips.  Oh!  I remember those days; jumping up as fast as you can to slide your hand under a little one’s face to try to prevent the inevitable.

There are a lot of styles to choose from, too; upholstered with fabric, micro-fiber, or leather being the most common.  Some provide a shelf underneath for magazines, remotes, etc., really utilizing the coffee table idea, others offer the extra storage for the blankets, and some just provide the footrest and seating space, but these also make a great “make-shift coffee table” to serve hot chocolate and cookies from a serving tray.

Fun and function!  I love stuff like that.

cocktail ottomans cocktail ottomans 2 cocktail ottomans 3 mantel with cocktail ottoman

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