Don’t you just love to walk through a misting system when you’re out shopping or at an amusement park in 90+ degree weather?  I love it!

Well with the summer sizzle around the corner I have been re-wanting a misting fan in our backyard for the kids to play in so I went on the search for a DIY and on the cheap misting system.  I really wanted one that would attach to a privacy fence surrounding our patio, but decided that it would probably keep our patio furniture too wet.  But if you’re a lucky one who has a pergola or an arbor away from things you don’t want wet think about attaching one to that.  How fun would that be?  And great for the plants, too.

I needed to find a more portable option; one maybe that I could stand by our hot tub (which isn’t so hot in the summer, but makes a great little pool for the little ones), or one that I could just stand on the grass and let the kids run circles around.  I’m also thinking of a lazy day on a lounge, reading a good book while my legs and feet are being cooled and freshened by a soaking summer breeze…mmmm…… mmmmm.  Sounds nice, right?

Well, guess what?  These are easy, fun, and cheap!  YAY, all the things I love in new ideas.  The basic items can be found at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.  All you need are:

A fan ~ you can get a floor model or one on a stand


Misting nozzles

Some connectors

Plumbing fixture for faucet

Zip Lock ties

These really are all the basic requirements.  You will need to be able to connect to a GFI outlet and also your outdoor faucet (or hose as an extension).

There are some great instructional videos on youtube to create a misting fan here.  A more complex system that can be attached to a patio or pergola and can be found here. (

You can also purchase the parts separately or order them online.  Not expensive at all.

I’m so doing this!

misting fan misting fan 2

Misting system patio Misting system pergola