Fresh New Summer Color Palettes to Love

I love the anticipation of summer.  In fact, I find myself in danger of wishing my life away waiting for the next season and the changes it brings.  For those of you living in a temperate climate, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but the change of defined seasons for me brings an excitement only suited to that particular season.  The clothes we wear, the activities we do, the cooking we enjoy, are all affected by the change in seasons.  Even the decorating.  In fact………

I just redecorated our little bathroom (sink & toilet type) a week ago in the bold colors of summer. I replaced the wintery picture of a boy with his dogs, with a painting of sunflowers.  I replaced the wintery pinecone potpourri with “GRAPEFRUIT”.  Seriously, Aromantique’s Grapefruit is absolutely HEAVENLY! I bought some apple green towels to add to the red and gold ones I already had (I love TJMAX.  I can always find something there I can’t live without. Great place for accent pieces, too).  I added a wreath with red pears, white-ish/green hydrangeas, and white berries, bringing out the little bit of green in the painting and coordinating with the green towels.  I added a soap dispenser with bright orange yummy smelling hand soap.

This looks like a very different room.  I love the way it turned out.  And because I repurposed almost everything including the painting I’ve had for years and never used, only cost me $30.  It was that much because of the $20 potpourri….but worth every penny!  The towels were $9. The wreath was one I had been using in my kitchen window but have exchanged with a cute little herb crate that I told you about a while ago.

These colors, yellow, yellow-gold, red, apple green, white, orange are the bright and bold colors of summer that I love.  Some may feel the yellows and reds tend to be colors more suited to fall, but when paired with the bright greens, oranges, and whites create a basket of summer you could almost eat!

It’s fun to intermix these summer/fall colors because it stretches your decorating budget by mixing and matching from season to season.

Maybe summer is NOT your favorite time of year. Maybe where you live is hot, humid, dry, or X-hot!  Consider using a summer palette to cool down your bedroom, family room, or back porch.

Other fabulous summer palettes, the light blues, butter yellows, celery greens all promote the calm of a summer afternoon.  The aquas, sea greens, and whites reminiscent of the Caribbean bring dreams of sun and sand. has dozens of summer palettes to choose from, and a great help when trying to put together your own preferred palette.

Wherever your summer dreams take you, treat yourself to a deco-treat of a few little changes that will hasten the summer fun you’ve been waiting for.

THESE are a few of my favorite colors of summer:

Colors of Summer colors of summer 2 colors of summer orange Colors of summer red Colors of summer yellow