• Pegboard above garage cabinets for tools (okay, that’s a no brainer!)
  • Pegboard in closet for belts, bags, and scarves
  • Pegboard in a sewing room for spools, ribbon, etc.
  • Pegboard base in drawers with larger pegs (pegboard kits) to divide dishes and bowls.  I LOVE this idea!
  • Pegboard in a teenagers room for EVERYTHING.  You can get a million different kinds of hooks and accessories for pegboard
  • Pegboard in a playroom/art center to hang baskets for just about everything; books, scissors, pencils, crayons
  • Pegboard in a laundry room for extra hangers, hang up an ironing board, broom, dust mop, add a shelf for anything else, etc.
  • Pegboard painted silver used to wainscot a boys room in a space or industrial or race car theme
  • Pegboard to hang pots and pans on, because there simply is no more room in your cupboards or drawers
  • Pegboard in a butler’s pantry for utensils
  • Pegboard on inside of pantry door for often used, but hard to store utensils

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2 Comments on 12 Great Ways to Use Pegboard

  1. Loved seeing this! Everyone thought I was crazy when I took all the peg board from my in-laws when they were getting rid of. Peg board is awesome.

  2. I would love to send you a photograph of a pegboard display that i designed and my father built for me to use when i was doing craft shows. i have saved it and a friend recently used it to hang necklaces on at a garage sale (hence the photograph being available) i will put it in my sewing studio when i get one.

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