DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas (1)

Vertical gardening……….sounds a little futuristic.  But it’s so cool, and absolutely fabulous for those who are really limited on space or just want to try something new.  I just love all the creative genius’s out there!  And I had never heard of the term “flower tower” before…….almost a blast from the ‘60’s J.

Plants need:  oxygen, water, food, light, and the right climate in order to flourish whether they grow up, down, or sideways.  So there is not much difference in maintenance.  Well, there are a few tips and tricks to be aware of:

  • When you mount your garden allow for some space between the frame and the wall on which it is mounted.  This allows for proper air circulation. Also, be sure to use a proper growing medium allowing the soil to get the oxygen they need.
  • Because gravity is an issue in vertical gardening, the irrigation of your VG can be tricky.  A hose is not the best option because it may cause too much run off and the plants on the lower end of the garden may not get the water they need. That method would also be time consuming.  A dripper system would be the optimum way to go requiring a small pump and a timer.  Fairly inexpensive though.
  • An application of slow release granule fertilizer (I like Ozmocote) will take care of nourishing the plants most of the season.
  • Place your VG in a place where the plants can get the appropriate amount of sunlight.  This means planting compatible plants in your garden.  Also, if possible tilt the bottom end of the garden out slightly so that those plants are not shaded by plants on top.

We have the perfect place to try one of these gardens.  It’s shaded most of the time so it may present somewhat a challenge, but I think I’m going to go with some coleus and ferns for my first try.  I happen to have a brand new pallet and some leftover landscape fabric to line the back and bottom so it’s not going to cost much to try.  Sounds fun!

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