Leather Look.  Paint base coat and let dry.  Mix paint and glaze 3-4 parts glaze to 1 part paint.  Paint glaze over base coat. Work in small sections so you always have a wet edge from one section to the next.  Don’t go to lunch in the middle of painting a wall!

  • Lay a page of newspaper on the wet, glazed surface. Quickly and gently rub the newspaper with the palm of your hand into the glaze.
  • Pick up the paper, rotate it so not to create the same pattern, and lay it on a different section of glaze. Again, gently rub on the newspaper and then remove. If your newspaper page becomes too saturated during this process, throw it away and get a new piece.
  • Repeat until your surface is entirely covered with a cracked leather look. Add more glaze and use the newspaper technique until you achieve your desired look.

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