What makes these little cuties unique is that when you walk on them it actually encourages growth.  And if you choose a fragrant stepable, oh my!, it smells like heaven.  Some of my favorites are lemon thyme, corsican mint (smells like mint ice cream when you walk on it!), mosses, or wooley thyme for a sage green accent.

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2 Comments on 14 Amazing Stepable Plant Ideas

  1. I was wondering if these steppables can get out of hand growing? will they over run an area? how do you maintain them? I do like them, but don’t know a lot about growing them… what would work (if any) in southwest Florida?? thanks for your help..

  2. I need stepables for shade….what would that be???? I love the one pictured but it looks like it’s for sun! My back yard has gone under due to dense shade & evergreen trees from my neighbor. I had thought I wanted the stepping stones but didn’t know what else to put with them.

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