Getting Creative with House PlantsI’m so excited to see that house plants are making a comeback.  But what I find most interesting is that decorators are no longer ashamed to use a little artificial greenery to energize a corner, a counter, a table, or even a patio.

Now, that being said, there are artificial flora (A.F.) and then there are FAKE plants!  Some are so bad you would be much better off with nothing than one of those ferns or ivies that show more of their plastic spine than their leaves.  DON’T GO THERE!!  Choose carefully and only use a few.  I would choose to use A.F.  in areas of my home that didn’t get enough sunlight for most plants, even then, with A.F.  less is usually more.  Something small on top of something else, for example.

Plant on top of yellow books

Topiaries flanking a door, inside or out, make an entertaining statement.  They can be a little pricey so just wait for that “buy 1 get 2nd half off” coupon and then make an investment.

plants topiary 3 balls aftificial

Get a little crazy!  Think outside the proverbial pot!  The greens are only ½ the tale.  Adapt the plant to it’s space by using relative elements:

plant in glass jar with nuts and bolts